Waiting for Divine Intervention on my Good Intentions

New Year’s resolutions made, motivation high, focus strong and then……

Life.  (specifically – vacation ends, work restarts and activities resume)

As I come out of the wonderful bubble that I have created by defining my intentions and visualizing the changes as I want them to unfold, I am hit smack dab between the eyes with what I know so well:  there is no magic formula.  I am not going to emerge from my New Year’s retreat a new woman.  It’s not the planning that changes me.  It’s putting the plan into action.

I think I may be a little addicted to the planning process.  I guess it’s my reverse formula happening again.  I put 99 percent of my effort into the planning and 1 percent into the implementation.

As I was driving home from work, I was confronted with the fact that I don’t feel like doing all of the things I set out in my intentions for the new year.  But what was so valuable about taking the time to focus my intentions was that I know why I want to change; I know what I will be, have, do and feel when the intentions are realized.

So I didn’t enter 2013 a new woman, but I did begin 2013 with hope.  And with faith that my plan will work (even though my past evidence would state otherwise).  I used to think that I needed divine intervention to strike, making me want to do all the steps I have laid out in my plan.  This year, the difference is not the quality of my plan but the resolve to work the plan even when I don’t want to, to start again every time I get off track, and taking some time to visit the place and person I visualized for 2013.

Do you make plans/goals/resolutions for the new year?

Here’s a link to a New Year’s Resolution blog entry from a blogger I follow.




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